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N.C.-4 Reaches Plymouth England - Hawker and Grieves Safe

Saturday May 311919

Morning Headlines:-
N.C. 4 Reaches Plymouth - Hawker and Grieves Alive and Safe
Sopwith airplane picked up at sea and brought to Plymouth England
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The Vimy is assembled at Pleasantville on the same site where the Martinsyde was housed.
After their lunch, Ike and Bobby have the rest of the day off and were off to Pleasantville on their bicycles. There was lots of activity on Kitti Vitti at the time, with crews checking out the racing shells and practicing their runs up and down the pond, urged on by their supporters and spectators. Nearing the bottom of the pond was the airplane encampment now occupied by the new group of Bird-men, surrounded by a large group of sightseers.  The Vimy~ too large to fit into the canvas hanger, was outside in the open air and the boys noted that assembly had already started. The boys were greeted by Teddy Brown as they were dismounting their bicycles.

"Welcome Lads! It didn't take you very long to pay us a visit." Teddy looked a lot more up-beat then he had at their last meeting.  " I would like to introduce you to the members of our ground crew~~Chaps! these are the lads who showed us around the country side last Sunday."

Chatting with the Vickers people the boys quickly learned that no one was very happy with the present location, and that they would never attempt a hop-off from this site with a heavily loaded aircraft.   

Remembering how pessimistic R.G. was about the prospect of convincing the Admiral to allow the Vickers people use his field, Ike suggested flying light to the Lester's field for their final departure as a fall back plan. "I took the liberty to mentions to 
Charlie Lester (7) that you airmen liked his location and that you would like to discuss the possibility of contracting with him to prepare a take off strip."
"That's good! What did he say?" Asked Jack, with a surprised look. "What about Kerr's field? ~~ We were still counting on using that field for our hop-off point."
"That's still a possibility too but, ~~ he says, how he could clear the stones and horse dung from that field we looked at, and could even attempt to do some leveling of the surface to improve your chances for a clean get away of the loaded craft for a fee to be negotiated."

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