Monday, May 17, 2010

ED Bee Mk 1 1.0 cubic centimeter displacement

ED Bee Mk 1 1.0 cubic centimeter displacement, manufactured in England in the 1950's. It was famous for it's ease of starting and reliability.  This was my first diesel engine and it sat in a box for many years before getting around to running it. Installed in a single channel Keil Kraft high wing cabin model controlled via a rubber powered simple escapement hooked to the rudder (one pulse right two left). A perfect recipe for relaxing flying, until faced with a downwind fly away. Pictured here sporting its new Kirby manufactured needle valve assembly and custom compression adjuster made with a special thread to match the thread restoring Helicoil insert that was used to repair the stripped head threads.  See this little gem run on homemade fuel, using a mixture of 60 % lamp fuel, 20% Castor oil and 20% Cold Engine Quick Start (Ether).

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