Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cox .010 World's Smallest Production Model Airplane Engine

The Cox .010 was credited as being the world's smallest production Model Airplane Engine, with a displacement of a mere 0.010 cubic inches or (0.164 CC). The small size of the Cox TD 010 can be appreciated if one considers it's relative size to that of the U.S. Quarter coin. The TD name selected by Cox to associate with his new breed of little powerhouses is derived from the Thimble Drone name which is in turn associated to his line of midget racing  cars to signify small size, speed and power all at the same time.

The Cox .010 is out of production and is no longer available. The engine featured in the video clip below sat on a shelf for years and I would pick it up from time to time to flip the propeller and marvel at it's high compression and high standards of precision manufacturing that went into it's production. After all those years of sitting in a box and gathering dust,when one day  I just couldn't resist having a go at running it for myself.

Specifications: Displacement: .010 CI   (.164 CC);
                         Weight: .05 Oz; (1.4 grams);
                         Maximum RPM 30000 1/min on its 3 x 1.25 inch propeller.

Click the Play Button on the object below and see the little demon running on a rich mixture of 15% nitro fuel it will really turn up the revs when leaned out and fueled with 40% Missile Mist it will literally scream. 

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  1. The world's Smallest Production Model Airplane Engine is the 1954 DC Bambi diesel of 0.15 cc (.00937 cu in), the Cox TeeDee .01 is .01 cu in (0,164 cc.)