Sunday, June 9, 2019

Team Alcock and Brown, Vickers Vimy - The Great 1919 Transatlantic Air Race

It all happened a hundred years ago and because of their courage and daring the possibility of intercontinental air travel for the masses was born. 

Team Alcock and Brown, Vickers Vimy,

Saturday May 24 1919  Victoria Day Holiday

Morning Headlines:-
Fourth British Team Arrives at St. John's
Alcock and Brown Vickers Vimy Bomber Arrives

on SS Glendevon

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Teddy Brown having a drink of tea before the epic flight

The still crated Vimy arrives at the Martinsyde Pleasentville Field

The Cosh brothers Installing the Rolls Rice 12 Cylinder Eagle Engines

 Preparing for ferry flight from Pleasentville to Lester's field

Ferry flight landing at Lester's Field Evening of June 9th 1919

June 14 1919 Preparing for The Epic Flight
June 14 1919 Preparing to install the Replacement Magneto Pinion as Ike Looks On
June 14 1919 Preparing to Start-Up The Engines for the Up Hill Takeoff Run

Vimy Flight Log  for the Epic Flight with Radio contact with the Marconi Mount Pearl Wireless Station Circled.

Vimy Begins Her Takeoff Roll 13:58 hours NL Time June 14th 1919

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