Friday, September 25, 2015

Setting up Flaperons with Spektrum DXi 6 Transmitter

My big 120 size Zero has been a problem for me to land because the kit did not have landing flaps to slow the plane down when setting up a landing. I was considering modifying the wing by a adding external flaps to the lower surface trailing edge. Then the idea hit me: why not try flaperons and see if they will give me what I need.
Shown below is the script of the closed captions of a Youtube video which attempts to show how to set up flaperons on my 120 size Zero.

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Language: en

00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:00.500

00:00:00.500 --> 00:00:01.000

00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:01.500

00:00:01.500 --> 00:00:22.950
I finally discovered how to set up
flaperons with my dx6i spektrum

00:00:22.950 --> 00:00:31.750
the book was a little confusing and
the first time I tried it

00:00:31.750 --> 00:00:43.660
the ailerons moved in the same direction
when I activated the aileron control

00:00:43.660 --> 00:00:58.110
first thing you have to do is to set up
the starboard wing and take the servo

00:00:58.110 --> 00:01:17.910
lead and feed it into the reciever's aileron plug and then the port wing

00:01:17.910 --> 00:01:31.420
servo lead plug it into the reciever's
auxiliary plug

00:01:31.420 --> 00:01:43.540
after completing this you go to

00:01:43.540 --> 00:02:08.509
your transmitter and presss the adjustment wheel and you scroll through this list go to "wing

00:02:08.509 --> 00:02:19.700
tail mix"

00:02:19.700 --> 00:02:40.250
press the wheel you get three

00:02:40.250 --> 00:02:41.790

00:02:41.790 --> 00:02:56.840
the wing type that you have in this case
it's a dual aileron servo

00:02:56.840 --> 00:03:08.630
press the wheel and activate that option

00:03:08.630 --> 00:03:19.210
press the wheel and hold for three
seconds you go back to the home screen

00:03:19.210 --> 00:03:24.920
now the next

00:03:24.920 --> 00:03:45.610
thing to do is to set up your flaps by scrolling
to flaps in the setup list

00:03:45.610 --> 00:03:51.160
press the wheel and you have two choices

00:03:51.160 --> 00:04:03.069
normal flaps and landing flaps you have
to select

00:04:03.069 --> 00:04:07.800
select normal and enter some

00:04:07.800 --> 00:04:27.639
number of degrees or percent for normal
otherwise you will be we will have

00:04:27.639 --> 00:04:34.060
both of the surfaces moving the same direction
so in this case with trial and

00:04:34.060 --> 00:04:51.189
error I set my normal flaps to 27% could
be thirty I suppose and I chose one percent

00:04:51.189 --> 00:05:09.800
down elevator to correct pitch up motion
or moment for landing flaps I chose a

00:05:09.800 --> 00:05:26.490
hundred percent and to control the
pitching up moment I fed in 5% down

00:05:26.490 --> 00:05:42.810
elevator these settings seem to work and I get more or less what I'm looking for

00:05:42.810 --> 00:05:51.190
aileron 1

00:05:51.190 --> 00:06:28.620
down aileron 2 up select landing flaps and they both go down,
as well with flaps deployed I still have aileron roll control

00:06:28.620 --> 00:06:33.470
thanks I hope you have more luck your first time than I did

1) The landing flap setting had to be redced from 100% to 75% to get the desired results.
2) Before I forget, let me add that the auxillary channel had to be reversed also.

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