Monday, April 23, 2012

Vintage Model Airplane Glow/Ignition Engines eBook

This Series of eBooks can be read on your laptop or tablet computer (e-Reader or iPad) or printed out if one prefers a hard copy.
The book is packed with up to 90 pages of pictures, live links to our videos and information about this eclectic collection of  model airplane engines. 

The e-Books: are in Adobe PDF format  and can be read on any device that is equipped with PDF reading software loaded.

This series of books is all about vintage model airplane engines and includes facts, pictures, and videos of a large selection of classic engines. The books resides on Google Cloud server and there is no risk to the person downloading them because they are first scanned by Google.
Be one of the first to get your own copies of these truly informative and entertaining reference book.

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Volume 1
Featured engine topics included in this volume are: 
O&R 23 Deluxe Antique Model Engine
Herkimer OK Cub 14
Cox .010 World’s Smallest Model Engine
Vintage K & B Infant Torpedo .020
K & B ½ A Torpedo (Stallion)
Cox .010 TD Running Against K&B Infant
Russian Junior CO2 Motor
Forster 29 Runs on Full Ignition or Glow
Mk XIII Wen Mac 049
Irvine 20 ABC Diesel and Dykes Ringed Glow
The Brown Junior 60 Ignition Engine
Enya 19 MK V Glow Engine
MICRON 60 (10 CC)
STAB Ignition Engine
Cox .049 Baby Bee
OS .30 Wankel Rotary Engine
Hirtenberg HP VT 21
Webra T4 40

Fox 60 Eagle II 
OS Max H 40 P
ENYA 46 4C
OS 48 4 C Surpass

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