Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Forgotten Piney

Piney the forgotten ARF constructed entirely of Pure Canadian White Pine by Master Builder Jim McBride (Canada's first and only ARF designer).

The Piney is an unusual parasol wing model resembling the Pietenpol Air Camper which is constructed entirely of white pine (even the surface hinges and strut attachments).  I have inherited a lot of pieces over the years;  enough to get one ready for flight for this coming flying season. I have a vague recollection of the Piney project but I have no real background material and if anyone remembers her I would be grateful for your information. Thanks,  Dave

Specifications:- 60 Inch wing span;
                                      5 pounds dry weight;
                                      OS 48 4c Nitro Power.

The Piney has a reputation of being a very poor flying model airplane: People have told me that before attempting to fly it I should be aware of its propensity for severe adverse yaw, supposedly because of its large strip ailerons. Adverse yaw is a condition where application of aileron control will always be accompanied by a yaw in the opposite direction. Before attempting to fly the Piney we programmed the radio for 20% rudder linked to aileron movement. Watch the short clip below to view the results.
Adverse Yaw

The second major flaw in the Piney design that I discovered independently is its severe tip stall that can be triggered by any form of control surface movement at low speed. After three crashes on takeoff I started to suspect the wing incidence as the cause. The wing is set at 5-1/2 degrees which in hind site, is too much for a high wing design with a modified flat bottom wing. Watch the short clip below that demonstrates how prone the Piney is to tip stalling.

Tip Stall

Ca-bane strut bracing wires was added to minimize the damage to the members in tip over accidents during takeoffs and landings. The picture below emphases the excessive wing incidence angle of the original Piney.  
 Note below the 1 cm shims attached to the wing's rear spar to reduce the the wing's angle of incidence from 5.5  degrees to approximately zero.
 Wing incidence change to zero degrees

The Maiden Flight

Other Known Models

Fitting my Piney for Float Flying

Now fitted with with a more powerful engine (OS 50 2 c)
Too bad! We never got around to flying her off water;  it was totaled .in an unexplained crash (probably a spiral death dive due to pilot error) in October 2017.


  1. Ron Elliott rone1948@sympatico.caJuly 27, 2011 at 4:27 PM

    Hi Dave I have recently came across a complete Piney. Do you have any more info. Such as balance point etc.

  2. Dave, You have just brought back some great memories. I will never forget the "Piney" as a young child my dad took me flying in Westport Ontario at the home of Master Jim McBride, the designer and builder of the Piney (and the nicest man on the face of the earth). I eventually purchased my first Piney and flew it for hours. I then moved to the Piney Bipe for several years then he started building the Low Wing Piney. Of course I had one of those as well. I still have a couple of Piney's that are flight worthy. I also have some parts. I would love to receive any info about any Pineys and even information about Jim and his family, great people! Long live the spirit of the Piney!!

  3. Waaay back when the Piney was first conceived I flew at Jim's with the gang from the Brockville RC club. And yes, I can concur that in fact if was the first ARF I saw, long before Pilot from Japan.

    Frank Weaver, Vancouver Island (GoldGuy on RCGroups)

  4. My father (PETE BAUER)also flew at Jim's. I remember as a little kid being at Jim's and them talking about the piney.A man named rudy from Smith falls was also a master builder and flew at Jim's.brings back lots of good memories for me reading this forum. My father still builds and Flys to this day.