Friday, February 26, 2010

Radio Cotrol Float Flying

Old Goldberg Cub:-

This is my first Float plane.

I have been flying on floats for the past twenty five years flies gain for the last time before retirement. First flown with an Enya 46 4C engine which eventually became so worn that it could not lift the old bird. In this video clip an OS 70 4C is installed.

 This old water logged Goldberg Cub flies one more time.

Lazy Ace:- 72 inch WS Biplane with OS 70 4C Engine for power, mounted on Goldberg Cub floats.

Lazy Ace Crash:-

Not all float experiences end the way you would want them to. This is what can happen if one stores his models nose down (clunk fuel pickup falls to the front of the tank) now when I think of it, I hold the model nose up and give a good shake before flying.

The Big Lazy Ace Biplane nose dives into the lake when the engine quits shortly after takeoff when the fuel klunk shifts forward in tank cutting of fuel to the engine. The clip was recorded by an on-board camera located in the forward cockpit. The damage incurred in the crash was less than expected and she was back in the air again after a few repairs to the wing covering and inter-plane strut attachments.

Red Zephyr Part 1:-

This is my favorite model for relaxed flying.

I built the one in this video several years back from a short kit that I located online and powered it with an old O&R 60 running on full ignition. It was a struggle dealing with batteries and coils but I managed to get a dozen or so long flights that way. The float flying was done using an OS 40 2 C for power.

Red Zephyr Part 11

Cessna 177 Cardinal:-
The ultimate RC Float Plane.

The Cessna 177 has no bad habits in the air or on the water. The ARC Modelfly Cessna 177 Cardinal is constructed of 100 % ABS plastic and is sold complete with wheels and a set of floats. The kit was so well engineered that the parts snapped together as accurately as if it were a Lego set. The plastic construction is very tough and of course waterpoof which makes the Cardinal ideal for float flying.

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