Thursday, February 25, 2010

P-47 Thunderbolt RC Model Airplane

I have two versions of the Thunderbolt in my collection. The first one I acquired was a very early version kitted by TopFlite that could be built as either a razor back or bubble canopy version. This is a 60 size model Powered by Nitro burning Super Tiger 61 2-C Engine. Mine was built with the bubble canopy, with flaps and fixed landing gear. Originally the model had a single center mounted servo for aileron control but was later modified to duel outboard mounted servos to increase response time. The model is heavy and very prone to snap roll on take-off and was damaged and repaired on several occasions due to this type of accident.

The Razor Back version is an 1/6 size ARF by Global. Equipped with a Nitro Burning Thunder Tiger 80 4-C Engine, mechanical retracts for main landing gear and on-board ignition. The model is, as the manufacturer says "The sweetest flying Warbird you could ever own" Constructed with a balsa built up fuselage, wing, and empenage, it is very light and with the 80 size engine it can really scat.

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