Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Flying the Blade CX2 with Spektrum’s DX6i transmitter.

Set up tips for flying the Blade CX2 with Spektrum’s DX6i transmitter.

The E-flite Blade CX2 and Spektrum DX61
When I got my Spektrum DX6i system I had assumed that it would be capable of flying my  Blade CX2 as well. so the first thing that I did was to give the the Blade transmitter to a friend who was getting into RC. This never happened until recently, mainly because I was confused as to how I would be able to bind the transmitter to the Blade's flight module. When I got into the task and after determining the low throttle stick position (addressed later), it was actually quite easy: simply insert a binding plug into the top port of the control module and proceed with the binding operation as usual.

For many, the DX6i is probably their first computer system as well as their first 2.4GHz system. If this is you, don’t worry. Programming the DX6i is easy. Plus those programming features let you fine tune the Blade CX2’s control responses in ways you simply couldn’t with the stock radio, thus making the CX2 experience even more enjoyable.

Optional Steps: Travel Adjustment:
Example of Travel Adjustment Settings

1.   Go to the ADJUST LIST menu and select TRAVEL ADJ.
Example of Travel Adjustment Settings

2.   Adjust the AILE, ELEV and RUDD travels in each direction to 125% (see the DX6i manual for how to do this). Practically speaking, new Blade CX2 pilots should probably stick with the 100% travel default settings but the added responsiveness of 125% travel might be more appealing to experienced CX2 flyers.

Most importantly, have fun and feel free to setup your helicopter to perform the way you want it to. Getting the feel of the DX6i in control of your CX2 will even give you more confidence when you move to the more advanced Blade 400 or T-Rex 450SA.

After binding the DXI 6 to the All-In-One module I was puzzled to find that the motor control did not work. After thinking about the puzzle over night it suddenly came to me in a flash; It must be the low throttle setting is too high. After going to the setup list and setting the throttle travel to 110%. Setting the Throttle to its lowest setting and reducing the throttle trim to the bottom, we were gratified to find that the rotors could be run up, even the yaw control was working normally.    
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