Sunday, August 31, 2014

Unionviile Hobbies Noorduyn Norseman 40 size

 When I purchased this model I was very disappointed with it. The cabin windows were fake stick on silver colored decals.
 I spent a lot of time studying the structural details around the cabin to find the least invasive way to cut out the sheeting for the windows without having to remove or alter the covering material.
 Eventually it was decided to cut out the openings with a sharp exact o knife and slide strips of thin model train window material between the covering and the balsa sheeting and fix them from shifting by a couple of drops of zap adhesive.
 Those small modifications transformed this model for me from an ugly little plane into one that is suddenly pleasing to the eye, especially from 30 feet away.

This image of me piloting the Norseman during a landing was taken by a miniature camera shooting through the new cabin windows.

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