Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Giant Scale P47 Jug

Seen at our Field May 30th
This gas powered Giant Scale P 47 Thunderbolt rips up the sky over our flying field.
Giant "Jug" - with big advantages for builders! To pilots of small, streamlined fighters, the P-47D Thunderbolt looked much too massive for combat success. But "The Jug" proved them wrong - and also ranks as one of the safest single-seat fighters of WWII. This wood kit is modeled after the 366th Fighter Squadron's P47D-30-RA. Uniquely builder-friendly engineering and stable, forgiving flight characteristics make it a fine first (or next) giant scale project! Precisely interlocking, CAD-engineered wood parts and vacuum-formed ABS plastic details simplify giant-scale assembly. Elliptical wing planform with special S8036 and S8037 airfoils produce excellent flight performance using glow or gasoline engines. Fully balsa-sheeted exterior provides an ideal surface for scale finishing - wide stance landing gear allows easy ground handling. Kit also contains instructions and most parts for optional P-47D Razorback construction (except greenhouse canopy, available separately, TOPQ8042). Many Top Flite scale options available for increased authenticity, as well as custom-designed Robart retracts. Enjoy exciting, forgiving warbird flight using a wide range of glow or gasoline engines. The P-47D has a slow stall speed, excellent stall resistance and superb handling characteristics throughout the speed range Each aileron and flap is operated by its own servo for greater control authority—and the security of knowing you have a "back up" if one servo fails. The slotted flaps also help to preserve scale lines by internally concealing their control horns.

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