Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cardinal Flies at Buckshot

The ARC Modelfly Cessna 177 Cardinal is constructed of 100 % ABS plastic and is sold complete with wheels and a set of floats. The ARF kit was purchased on the internet complete with a new Pico 61 engine and a set of 4 standard servos. The kit was so well engineered that the parts snapped together as accurately as if it were a Lego set. The plastic construction is very tough and of course waterpoof which makes the Cardinal ideal for float flying. The model proved to be so good to fly, that I spent most of the summer flying it and did not get around to flying any of my other float planes,including my new Piper Cub that was also built last winter to replace my old Cub, which was becoming too heavy and weak for float flying.

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